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How does PlayTheGroove work?

In typical music classroom settings, most students never play the melody of a tune. PTG starts there.

With our proprietary unison-based sheet music, everyone plays the melody – the star part!

PTG is inclusive for everyone: horns, strings, woodwinds, vocals, brass and an expanded rhythm section (all doubling encouraged).

For the “rhythm section” (bass, drums, and keys and/or guitar and/or vibes), multiples of each are also welcome as there are multiple parts to choose from – some melodic, some chordal, and some reinforcing the rhythmic groove.

We’re doing a research study and we’d like your involvement.

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Student-led – Inclusive

Do you have trouble finding music for your ensemble because you can’t find the right arrangement for your instrumentation? PTG solves that issue while bringing inclusivity, engagement, and creativity to the forefront. The goal is to engage youth in performance ensembles with modern jazz and world music with matching educationally-grounded methods that are relevant and accessible to them.

Advanced groups will also benefit but in different ways.

Once everyone learns the melody, harmony, groove, and form of the tune, the depth of each one can be explored in incredible detail. More understanding of theory and harmonic structure can be immediately applied to improvisation. Small ‘chamber’ groups can be created. Arranging of charts can be further explored by staggering instruments and trying different combinations to encourage critical-listening.

Teachers can be immensely creative with the flexibility PTG allows.