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Transformation You Want To See

As educators, we naturally want to see a transformation in our students - hopefully for the better! Ideally, we want to see a change in per-class situations and over time (which can be weekly, monthly, etc). Learning should be fun. But fun can be discussed in a number of ways... which generally involve some sort… Continue reading Transformation You Want To See

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Life on a Continuum

When cooking, there are better oils to cook with than others. Palm and saturated oils (solid at room temperature) and not as good as canola, and better yet, olive oils. There are even different grades of olive oil. As a rule, natural is better than processed and plant-based is best. Everyone and everything seems to… Continue reading Life on a Continuum

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Achieving a “Single Point of Reference”

Patrice Rushen, Chair of the USC Popular Music Program and Advisor to PTG, coined a phrase that denotes PlayTheGroove's initial intent of quickly achieving a “Single Point of Reference.” Playing a complete song in one period allows the ensemble as a whole to have a solid starting point from which to grow and expand. This… Continue reading Achieving a “Single Point of Reference”

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PlayTheGroove, What’s This All About?

Thank you for wanting to learn about PlayTheGroove, I'm Richard Frank, creator of this innovative program that incorporates modern jazz and world music into music into an educationally-grounded program. PlayTheGroove is rooted in my personal experiences as a professionally trained musician, a graduate-level researcher, 60+ clinics and workshops, and countless conversations with professors, students, and… Continue reading PlayTheGroove, What’s This All About?