Imagination & Creation

Imagination is Omnipotent!

Creating is a Bi-Product.

In today’s music-making age, creating music (via teaching, composing, improvising, arranging, mashing) seems to be the end goal. We agree.

What if the first goal of “creating music” is the end goal?


In life, certainly not just music, imagination is the driver of new, the driver of change, the inspirational driver of realizing one’s individuality. So regardless of what you do, imagination if the lead driver.

Imagination often begins with “what if…?” or “here’s a problem, how can we solve this…”.

How do we develop imagination? Here’s the good news – we don’t have to, it’s already in every one of us. Each of us has an unlimited source, or supply, of imagination.

“How can I encourage more imagination in others to lead to more creativity?” Or, “how can I utilize my own imagination to serve me better and help bring about meaningful change?”

Creating is a function of trust.

  1. From our imagination we often come up with multiple options and solutions.
  2. Based on our experience we whittle the possible choices down to a few.
  3. From these options – and to initiate “creating” – trust comes into play.
  4. To create takes some commitment.
  5. To feel confident about creating we need to trust our feelings to execute anything creative.

When improvising (“in the flow”) in music, ALL of these processes happen in the blink of an eye! But when we’re just learning to improvise, our imagination may be popping but our experiences, trust, and mechanics of improving aren’t there. This is why we listen and practice – to build those experiences and so-called “chops.” It’s also why we want to start easy and gain some successes – called scaffolding in some circles.

Relaxing and “making space” are very important.

For most of us, high-stress situations are not ideal for imagination. Yes, we need some stress (a situation) to get the ball rolling, but we also have to give ourselves some space to grow in, to make mistakes, to experiment.

What if you’re a parent, educator, advocate, teacher, legislator?

Where does imagination come into play?

Well, ask a few questions: “What’s the problem?”.

What IS the issue I see in front of me?

Let me “imagine” a few options and solutions.

Sit with it! Let your mind wander… take a breath and let “imagination” have a little space to work in. Trust. Yes, trust your ideas. Don’t judge them, or yourself, for having them.

Cool thing about imagination is you don’t have to do anything to imagine, and you don’t
really have to do anything with what you’ve just imagined.

Imagination is Omnipotent!

Every solution in the world started with imagination.

It doesn’t work the other way around.

The best environment for imagination to thrive, to actually turn into creative, is a safe one. An environment that encourages and supports a person’s process and past experiences.

With students in music, almost everything is new so it makes good sense to start with small steps. Build on successes.

When working with anyone else, regardless of where YOU are in the imagination-choosing-creating-implementing continuum, it’s important to get a sense of where THEY are and start with what they need to succeed. Make space.

If you’re alone with a “situation” and imagination is needed, you also have to make space to nurture your process and blossom.

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