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PlayTheGroove, What’s This All About?

Thank you for wanting to learn about PlayTheGroove, I'm Richard Frank, creator of this innovative program that incorporates modern jazz and world music into music into an educationally-grounded program. PlayTheGroove is rooted in my personal experiences as a professionally trained musician, a graduate-level researcher, 60+ clinics and workshops, and countless conversations with professors, students, and… Continue reading PlayTheGroove, What’s This All About?


There Are No Careers in Music!

How often do you hear there are no careers in music? Making a career in the music industry is not as straight forward as being a doctor, lawyer, or plumber… but then again, are those careers straight forward? There are over 200 different careers in music. Yes, over 200. Performing is just ONE of them. Most… Continue reading There Are No Careers in Music!


What Does It Mean To Be “Status-Quo”

I, and everyone in the world enjoys the “status quo” in our lives; a consistent grocery store, similar foods, regular habits and routines are all comforting. We need them for consistency, and to progress, in this world because they are mostly automatic. But what if there was a better, closer and less expensive car mechanic… Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be “Status-Quo”