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PlayTheGroove, What’s This All About?

Thank you for wanting to learn about PlayTheGroove, I'm Richard Frank, creator of this innovative program that incorporates modern jazz and world music into music into an educationally-grounded program. PlayTheGroove is rooted in my personal experiences as a professionally trained musician, a graduate-level researcher, 60+ clinics and workshops, and countless conversations with professors, students, and… Continue reading PlayTheGroove, What’s This All About?


Charts by Dalindeo

Dalindeo Website Video Bio: Dalindèo is a jazz-sextet based in Helsinki, Finland. Guitarist-composer Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen founded Dalindèo in autumn of 2003 with his musical friends Rasmus Pailos (percussion), Jose Mäenpää (trumpet), Petri Puolitaival (flute and tenor sax), Timo Tuppurainen (double bass) and Jaska Lukkarinen (drums). Mr. Pekka Lehti took over the bass duties in… Continue reading Charts by Dalindeo


Unison Charts: It’s Relevance in Learning and Creating Music

Imagine you’re in a school band playing 2nd or 3rd anything (trombone, sax, violin, flute…) and you have your part in front of you. You get through the first rehearsal the teacher asks you to go home to practice your parts. What!? Practice a few notes with a weird rhythm and no melody? You’ve got… Continue reading Unison Charts: It’s Relevance in Learning and Creating Music